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For over twenty years INTERMEET has focused on serving the precise travel needs of businesses, groups, and individuals the world over. We specialize in personalized travel arrangements at incredibly low rates.

Our wide range of travel expertise is at your disposal to assist in the planning, organizing, and venue selection for events, conferences, meetings, and group tours. We are advisors to both government and airline tourist offices on the development of a wide variety of services and facilities.


Intermeetís stated mission is to obtain the best value for our clientís travel requirements. We strive to obtain the lowest airfare, best hotel rate, and finest travel package for itineraries proposed to us; furthermore, we will present the best options to our clients in a professional and timely manner. Compared to a local travel agent or dealing with the airlines and hotels directly, Intermeet will ensure that the best overall value is furnished to our clients. Instead of reacting to airline and hotel rates, Intermeet will proactively search and negotiate to achieve the optimal solution for our clientís travel needs.

We have top account and preferred status with major airlines, hotel chains, and ground operators which translate into better prices, space procurement, and service conditions to ensure our client the ultimate travel experience.

More significant than just low fares and prices is our travel knowledge and experience. We have been in the travel business since 1985 and all our staff have college degrees and traveled extensively around the world. Our travel knowledge and professionalism are our most appreciated asset.

Remember, when planning international group or individual travel, question whether an airline, a website, or your current travel agent is:

Handling all your groupís travel needs?
Weíll handle (in-house) all aspects of your groupís travel including airfare ticketing, vouchers, hotel rates, free tickets/rooms, itinerary deviations, upgrades, seat assignments, frequent flyer mileage tickets, transfers, meals, visas, special need requests.

Exploring all options?
When you contact an airline, the agent can only offer that airline's fares and flights disregarding all other competitive options, moreover, airline agents are trained NOT to procure the lowest fare but to answer only specific questions. Remember, in most studies, travel agents were found to be much more likely than airlines to provide the lowest price on a given itinerary.

Conducting Fare Analysis?
Comparing published versus unpublished (contract) rates can save you hundreds of dollars. The airline will not offer unpublished fares which are generally 20-40 percent lower than published rates. Many local travel agents do not utilize contract rates or do not know how to obtain them. Rushing you to "instant purchase" or deposits? The airline's cheapest fares often require instant purchase or purchase within 24 hours; this is distressing for someone who is somewhat unsure of their itinerary or has not yet obtained a visa. Also, airline and hotel group departments rush you into prematurely sending in deposits to procure group space and rooms often with unfavorable terms.

Employing college educated agents?
It's happened to us on many occasions; three different calls to the same airline and three different answers. Educated decisions require educated input. All Intermeet staff have a minimum of a bachelor's degree; some have master degrees

Intermeet Is
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A partial list of our satisfied customers:

  • Educational Services International
  • National Physique Committee of the U.S.
  • Sister Cities International
  • World Trade Centers Association
  • Columbia University--Executive MBA Program
  • Friendship through Football
  • Sacred Earth Network
  • Institute For Training and Development
  • Alliance to Save Energy
  • Crosscurrents International Institute
  • AIH Destination Management