How We Provide Best Value Airfares,
Hotel Rates and Packages

Intermeet utilizes volume contract and group rates which are generally lower than published rates to save our clients significant travel dollars. Our long term relationships with the major airlines and hotel chains means that we can procure the lowest airfares and room rates with confirmed availability.

Our contracts with the major travel suppliers will insure that our clients are paying the lowest airfares and hotel rates available anywhere. Airlines and hotels frequently only sell 60-70 percent of their seating and room capacity; excess seats and rooms are offered to us at a significant discount. We pass these savings on to our clients, providing them with the best value tailored to meet their specific requirements.

Since airlines and hotel chains occasionally offer special promotions we will crosscheck all rates to ensure that the best value is obtained. After a careful cost and travel plan analysis, we will offer multiple options to produce the “best fit” for your travel needs.

Group Airfares and Group Hotel Rates and Group Packages

When most group organizers directly contact the airlines or hotels to inquire rates, they start at a distinct disadvantage. The airlines/hotels view the group as a new entity with no track record regarding volume or sales history; therefore, the negotiated group fare is higher than it should be and group conditions are more restrictive. Furthermore, only that particular airline or hotel rates/conditions are presented even though a competitor may be more advantageous. Hence, group contract conditions such as free tickets/rooms, upgrades, deviations, and payment terms are negotiated at a disadvantage without a full competitive analysis being undertaken.

Intermeet’s specialty is negotiating group airfare and hotel rate contracts. Our top account and preferred account status along with our sales track record will guarantee that our clients receive the best rates and conditions with airlines and hotel chains; thus, we will identify and match the airline and hotel to your group’s needs to best optimize your travel dollars.

Over the years we have heard a frequent quote from group organizers and planners who attempt to handle group travel arrangements. “I became a travel agent”. Let Intermeet’s travel professionals handle the numerous and burdensome details of your group’s travel.